Contribution Of Indian Automotive Industry And Its Projections

Since the last few years, Indian automobile industry has grown at a tremendous pace, and currently the Indian automotive components industry is being projected to cross over US $ 110 billion (INR 5 lakh crore) worth business by the year 2020. This figure has been zeroed in after assessing the demands of vehicles, as it is in tandem with the country’s growth of vehicle production. According to the report by the Automotive Component Manufacturers’ Association (ACMA), out of all this, the domestic turnover is likely to grow up to US $ 80 billion (INR 4 lakh crore) and the exports would make up to another US $ 29 billion (INR 1.4 lakh crore).According to that report, in the fiscal year 2010 – 2011, the turnover of auto components companies India will go beyond USD 26 billion, which is an 18 per cent rise from the previous fiscal year’s turnover, which was just USD 22 billion. Moreover, according to the ACMA-EY (Ernst & Young) Vision 2020 study, most probably, by the year 2020 India is going to witness massive growth in the vehicle production.As far as Europe is concerned, it is likely to comprise a huge 36.9 per cent of India’s automotive parts export in 2010-11, which is then followed by the Asia and North America with 28.1 and 24 percent respectively. Apart from this, the automobile industry has witnessed major changes in the automobile purchasing strategy India over the few years. According to the recent study, in the financial year 2010 – 2011 India is expected to make USD 12 billion investments in the Indian automotive components industry. And, this might result in making the auto component industry, an engine for India’s massive growth in the economic as well as manufacturing segment.Moreover, the Automotive Mission Plan (AMP) 2006 – 2016 will additionally stimulate the progress of the Indian auto components sector and can eventually transform India into an international player in the automotive industry. This plan aims to double the contribution of automobile industry in the country’s GDP and produce 25 million more jobs for people by 2016. Apart from this, there is an enormous potential and intensification opportunity in the automotive components industry and as a result various small medium enterprises which are into the manufacturing of automotive parts in India have also started to get good international exposure for their products. Moreover, out of those small and medium enterprises of automobile components and accessories, many of them have become the best auto parts supplier Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon.

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The Number 1 Reason Why Nutrition is So Important!

The reason why nutrition is so important is that we can change our lives for the better by simply exchanging the food that we eat that has low nutritional value for food that has a much higher nutritional value. There are many ways that we can do this and we may need to step out of our comfort zone to achieve the best results. We are already consuming food and liquid each day, so it is really just about getting the best nutritional value for our money. If it is that simple why don’t we all do it all the time?Why is nutrition so important to us all and how can we change things for the better? A simple way to start the process is to select the food that has least nutritional value and replace it with one with considerably higher nutritional value. We usually have a good idea of what we shouldn’t be eating and if we start the process by eliminating the biggest problem first, we stand to gain the most right at the beginning and it can only get easier. The trap to avoid here is not to replace something with poor nutritional value, with something similar with slightly better nutritional value, because we have not eliminated the problem.There are many different ways of achieving the same end result and we simply need to select the one that is best for us at this particular time. Don’t completely disregard things because they seem too difficult at this moment. Our lives are continually changing and sometimes things which seemed impossible can actually become a part of our everyday life, if we keep some space for change. How much we have to change depends upon where we are now with our nutritional habits and how fast we want to arrive at our nutritional end goal.Sometimes we have foods that we think we can’t live without, but if we replace them with something of higher nutritional value and we start feeling fitter and healthier we don’t need them any longer. They form part of the process of why nutrition is so important and after a period of time without them they become a part of our history and we just don’t feel the same need for them any more. The unknown seems strange, until we get to know it.Why is nutrition so important to our lives? The first step is often the most difficult, but it is the one that can bring the biggest results in improving our health. We need to avoid the trap of replacing something with poor nutritional value with something similar with slightly better nutritional value. We can make small changes over a period of time or we can make some big changes for quicker results.

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Taking Responsibility For Your Own Healthy Lifestyle Choices

There is a wealth of information on the internet about women’s health and fitness but ultimately you need to take responsibility for your own healthy lifestyle choices.
Do you want to boost your energy levels?
Maintain a healthy weight?
Reduce your stress levels?
Lead a healthier life?
Reassess your lifestyle choices?
Find an exercise routine designed to fit your lifestyle?
Whatever your reasons or motivation changing your lifestyle and habits, it is a gradual process. You will need to take a look across the range of fitness and exercise, women’s health issues and menopause, nutrition, stress management, weight management and personal development.Here are seven top tips to help you on your way.
Commit your self to a regular exercise / walking routine. Choose an activity which you enjoy, don’t force yourself down to the gym or to go swimming if those are not activities you would enjoy doing in the long term.
It helps to have an exercise buddy – you can help to motivate each other.
If you have been suffering from broken sleep or insomnia, remember exercise is not only a stress reliever but can also help you get a good night’s sleep.
The menopause if a huge change in a woman’s life. See it as a positive change and embrace the new you. Don’t forget, crying is a common symptom of the menopause. Let it flow and help heal your body.
Alternative therapies such as acupuncture and reflexology can help the body rebalance.
Try eating foods that are different colours – rainbow foods.
Zero energy can be caused by too many refined sugars. Too much can deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals and could lead to zero energy.
Visualise what you want to achieve and be aware of the feelings and thoughts that may arise from this. To get there; set yourself some good, achievable, realistic goals. Applaud your achievements and be true to yourself – it can be very empowering. You will feel a new sense of purpose; have more energy and a zest for life!Take responsibility for your own healthy lifestyle choices [].If you act now, you will feel the benefits in just a short space of time, and know that your lifestyle changes will impact your health and wellbeing in the long-term too.

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