Can Your Time and Attendance System Live Up to the Four Tests of Successful Business Solutions?

“An organisation can only be as good as the people it employs,” has been a tried and tested axiom in the business world. While it still remains true in today’s business management realities, there is also a modified version of it which can be something like this; an organisation can only be as good as the management systems it uses. In today’s automated world where almost everything is being done through one kind of system or another, this maxim also holds true. A good example of this can be found in the time and attendance systems which are used for managing employee time.A lot of times, an organisation can get bogged down due to the shortcomings of the workforce management solution it is using. If your business is not growing, or doing so at a slower rate despite doing well in your training, sales, marketing, and other areas, the reason could be a simple one. You are losing revenue due to an under achieving HR and/or Payroll system.It can be really frustrating for entrepreneurs as businesses continue to produce flat growth despite working very hard in their businesses. If you are a business owner who has added more people to you business and expanded its reach but hasn’t achieved the expected growth in revenues, it simply shows you that you need to improve your employee time management.Below, we have provided four tests that can help you determine if your existing clocking in clocks are serving their purpose. You can also use this test to ascertain whether you need a new time keeping software system.Could You Decentralise After Implementing the System?Truly effective time and attendance systems are able to reduce multiple management tiers by empowering your business managers. After you have implemented a great time tracking system there should be no need to supervise employee clocking, collection of data pertaining to employee hours, and the subsequent processing of that data for payroll. A reliable system will take control of the entire payroll process with the minimum amount of supervision or involvement of the HR department. Failing that, you are no better off than you were before investing into such a system.How Intuitive is the System?When looking at the system interface of your solution, did you have to scratch your head trying to make sense of it? A great workforce management solution should be simple to understand and easy to use. It does not mean that it has to be without features or bells and whistles; rather, good HR solutions are very robust. What this means is that it should be designed in such a way that an average person can find his or her way around without requiring extensive training. If that was not the case with your existing system, or the system you are looking at, make sure you understand how much more work will be required to get things going.How convenient is the System?New time keeping systems are supposed to streamline your time and attendance procedures and make life easier for you and your staff instead of the other way around. If, after its implementation, you were able to save time for you, rather than take more of your time, you can be sure that the system is a good choice for you. At times, companies tend to overlook the obvious idea of making things easier for everybody and end up facing a rebellion from their staff even after having invested heavily in a solution.How Much “Automation” did it bring to Your Workplace?A truly reliable and effective time tracking software system is the one that is able to take care of the work that needed considerable human capital before its implementation. What you need to determine is whether your existing workforce solution is effectively automating the laborious and time consuming tasks needed. If yes, then you have what you needed and if not, you need to find a great human resource solution for managing your employees’ time.

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